3.1 Chanter Reed Selection



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Questions/Special Requests:


  • I registered late, is this the reason I am not able to find the section
    on how to select/choose a reed – Chanter Reed Selection?


  • Hi Richard, that shouldn’t be the case. The first video on the top of this page should be “Selecting a Chanter Reed”. Is that not what appears on your screen?

  • I was not able to view the Friday evening broadcast but watched Monday
    evening. Learning the workings of the pipe and how to manipulate them
    seems to be as important as learning how to play. A lot to take in.
    You are introducing me to things that I have been fighting, for a few years.
    Looking forward to the tuning module. Quick question. How do you
    get the reed you have chosen to the correct pitch (tone or note) so you
    can tune the drones. I know that lowering or raising the reed will
    sharpen or flatten but how you to get the correct
    correct low A. How can you tell you have the correct low A sound
    so you can tune the drones. That seems to be a big stumbling block for
    me. I know what I think sounds good but you can get used to anything
    even if it sounds bad.
    Is there a Corresponding note on the piano?
    Any insight is appreciated.


  • Hi Richard,

    Thank you for the kind words…We do appreciate it!!

    Finding the proper pitch of the low A Is a subjective issue….the bagpipe is not a concert pitch instrument….concert A on a b flat instrument would have the low A Pitched at 466hz….but the modern bagpipe is rising in pitch and in some instances approaches B….If your low A is pitching any ware from 476HZ to 484HZ…depending on your set up and weather conditions…you will be in the ballpark of most pipers today.