3.2 Chanter Reed Sound Samples

Below are demonstrations of varying chanter brands with assorted chanter reeds. 

Scheduled chanters used include:  Ayrfire, Shepherd, Strathmore, McCallum MC2, Naill Blackwood, Peter Henderson Blackwood, McCallum.
Each will be demonstrated with the following reeds:  Shepherd Ridge Cut, Shepherd Moulded, Megarity, G1 Platinum, Husk, MacPhee, MG Moulded, MG Ridge Cut, Warnock and Troy McAllister.
Please let us know if there is some other combination you would like to hear.  We will accommodate these requests when/if we can - or may be able to let you know which is the most similar to your needs.

McCallum Poly                         P Henderson ABW                             McCallum MC2


ABW Strathmore                         Shepherd Poly                                    Ayrfire Poly



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